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Radya Pustaka is the oldest museum in Indonesia.  Built on October 28, 1890 by Kanjeng  Adipati Sosroningrat IV, pepatih dalem during the reign Pakubuwono Pakubuwono IX and  X. The first museum is located in one room in the residence of a KRA Sosrodiningrat IV in Kepatihan named Panti Wobowo. Then, on the initiative of Paku Buwana X, the museum then moved to Loji Kadipolo on  January 1, 1913 to the present.
Entering the gates of the museum, there's nothing interesting about this place. There is no impression that shows that this museum is the oldest museum and many historical relics in it. This condition is similar to other museums we've ever visited.
The museum Radya Pustaka located at Slamet Riyadi street, housed within the complex Sriwedari Cultural Park. In this museum stored collection of ancient objects that have a value of high art and history of other anatar: some stone and bronze statues of Hindu and Buddhist era, collections of ancient dagger and weapon tardisional, a set of gamelan, wayang kulit and wayang beber, a collection of ceramics, and various other art that has artistic value and high culture.

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