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Dullah, Realist Painting Maestro

Late in 1979, a painter named Affandi hanging one of his students at Pejeng, Bali, this time the sun sting. 60-year-old pupil was, Dullah, do not dare deny it. Affandi again kerajingan make reconstruction of large posters at the time of struggle, Ajo Boeng Boeng titled, once regarded as the first poster made the struggle of people here.

Dullah known as a realist painter. The style of realistic painting. His passion is to paint the portrait (face) and create a composition that shows a lot of people (group). Recognized as a teacher of painting are two famous painters; S. Sudjojono and Affandi. Yet his painting style has never had in common with two of his teachers.

Once known as the court painter for 10 years since the early 1950s, with typical duty repair of damaged paintings and book compiler collection of paintings of President Sukarno. Dullah also known as a painter of the revolution, because in many of his works explores the themes of the struggle for the duration of maintaining independence.

At the time of independence war II, when Yogyakarta was occupied by Dutch troops on December 19, 1949 to June 29, 1950, Dullah lead their students who are not yet 17 years old to paint directly the events during the occupation of Yogyakarta as the effort of documenting the history of national struggle. The paintings are produced when it is reviewed in newspapers and even by Affandi assessed as the work of only one in the world.
Dullah is a realist painter who rarely exhibited. But the show with her children in the Great House (Presidential Palace in Yogyakarta) in 1978, managed to attract tens of thousands of people. Although the exhibition was extended one day, the gate of the Great Northern Building was also broken. The exhibition that followed December 20, 1979 until January 2, 1980, in Aldiron Plaza, Jakarta. Many people are disappointed because he did not sell his paintings.

Menenun, Cat minyak diatas kanvas, 90 x 12 cm

For her painting is a medium to communicate with the public. Dullah including the founder of the Cultural Association of Surakarta (HBS). Then set up a studio in Pejeng, Bali. At each exhibition either within or outside the country, the work of his students is included.

He also wrote poems. Some of his poem published in the Indonesian literary anthology on gather by HB Jassin. Never translated into English and published in a collection in Pakistan. A poem titled People's Children was written in 1943 and published in the Echoes of the country, perhaps already hinted kegandrungannya to the theme of the struggle in his paintings. Dullah establish a private museum in Solo in the 70s, and until now the museum is still managed by a government representative and Surakarta Municipality.

Many of the paintings are a collection of important government officials both within and outside the country, community leaders and dignitaries, including Indonesia's first president Sukarno, Indonesia's first Vice President Mohammad Hatta, Adam Malik, former U.S. President Eisenhower, former U.S. Vice President States Walter Mondale, former Australian Prime Minister Rudolf Menzies and art galleries in the Czech Republic.

Name :

Born :
Solo, Jawa Tengah,
17 September 1919

Profession :
Pelukis dan penulis
His Work :
Lukisan-lukisan koleksi DR. Ir. Soekarno, Presiden RI, sebayak 4 jilid diterbitkan di RRC tahun 1956 dan 1961,
Ukiran-ukiran rakyat Indonesia koleksi DR. Ir. Soekarno Presiden RI, diterbitkan di RRC tahun 1961,
Karya dalam peperangan dan revolusi, diterbitkan di Indonesia tahun 1982. 

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