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           Keraton Kasunanan or Kraton Surakarta Hadiningrat was founded by Sultan Pakubuwono II.  Judging fundamentally, the overall design of the Keraton building to  follow the pattern of buildings and layout of the Keratons previous of  Java, which stretched from north to south.  Entrance from the alun-alun  Lor, after buying a admission ticket and bring a guide, we will enter a building called Sasono Sumewo. Moving a few steps to the south there is the building that is located higher than other parts of the so called Siti Hinggil, this is where the king sat Sinuhun or when celebrating grebegan.
Exit from Siti Hinggil southward we pass through two doors that the call Kori Renteng  and Kori Mangu (Renteng  = opposition in the liver, Mangu = doubtful).  So we see the giant wooden doors, called Kori Brodjonolo Lor. The word implies that Brodjonolo  brodjo gaman means (weapons) are very sharp, while the Nolo means thought.  So the meaning contained in it, if we want to pass through this door we asked for all things we must think deeply first, in other words we are asked to allways vigilant.
Through this entrance Brodjonolo we arrived at the court called Pelataran Kamandungan, on the left and right of the court there were two barracks. Behind kori Kamandungan have a court that is called Sri Manganti. But on this occasion tourists must pass through the east door of the palace museum pass to get into the palace courtyard. The entrance is marked by a statue Sinuhun Pakubuwono X in front of and behind him there Sidikoro Pidono Panti, who used to prosecute the guilty relatives palace and need to be punished.Listen Read phonetically
Through this palace museum we can go into court of the palace by first removing our footwear. Stepped into the court of the palace will be found through the sand and thick kecik sapodilla tree. In this court there is the tower called Panggung Songgobuwono. The tower is used for meditation by guiding the king and met with Queen Nyai Roro Kidul, the ruler of the south coast. Regardless whether or not the myth that, Really Panggung  Songgobuwono a complementary tool fortress.
In the inner court we will find a large hall called thePendopo Ageng Sasonosewoko. On the right there Sasonosewoko pavilion buildings that all walls are made of glass, called Sasono Hondrowino. This place used to entertain guests.
After explaining at length the ins and outs of Kraton Surakarta, finally allowing our guides to visit the museum. In it were treated to a collection of heritage objects are rare and unique palace. Among the various weapons heritage, sculptures and stone statues, a collection of various puppets, paintings, official clothing of the kings, the gamelan, a few golden and train others. Sometimes the objects were labeled with the name of honor such as Kiai, Nyai, or Kanjeng Kiai

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