Jumat, 26 November 2010

GALABO = Gladak Langen Bogan (Cuisine Tourism)

         Solo City / Surakarta is very famous for its culinary tour, even one of the biggest tourist potential of this city is a culinary tour. Place a culinary destination, among others, market tengkleng Klewer, milk shijack, liwet rice, porridge Lemu, wedang Dongo, bestik tongue, claw gudek Bu Kasno and beef satay "Yu Rebi". A new breakthrough by the government of the city of Solo is to combine all these culinary attractions in one region in the area Gladak, Solo.
        Now that culinary tourists can easily enjoy the culinary delights of Solo / Surakarta with only visit one area. The place is named Gladak Langen Bogan (Galabo) every day can be visited between 1500 to 2000 people and can increase up to twice on Saturday / week / holiday, visitors even this place is not even just from the city of Solo, but also from the towns around Solo. The uniqueness of this culinary attractions is its location which is located on the highway, culinary tourists can enjoy a meal in the middle of the street is clean and has been closed to vehicles.

NB :
-motorcycle parking  : Rp.2000,-
-car parking               : Rp.4000,-

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