Jumat, 26 November 2010

Manahan Stadium

There is a place that seemed to have become a 'sacred' for football lovers in the city of Solo. Manahan Stadium, a building that has been used as a gathering place for the enthusiast the ball in the river city. This is where the ball enthusiast who named himself as Pasoepati, always come together to provide support directly to the middle of his favorite team play in the stadium. Since inaugurated by President Soeharto in 1998, Manahan has now climbed the stadium age of 12 years.

Knight Statue Archery, became a symbol of sturdiness Manahan Stadium in the city of Solo.
Large whitewashed building located on the street Adi Sucipto it, is one part of the facilities contained in the complex Gelora Sports Manahan. Manahan name itself is taken from the name of a village located in the district Banjarsari, Surakarta.
In these villages, Manahan Stadium stands firmly among the surrounding buildings which have been filled with housing, schools, places of worship, green open spaces and roads with rows of pine trees at the edges.
Complex Gelora Manahan, is a complex of sports facilities are quite large and most comprehensive in the city of Solo.

Manahan Stadium, Surakarta is an offering from Madame Tien Soeharto's foundations. Its construction began in 1989 with using the land area of 170,000 m2 and building area of 33,300 m2. It took nine years to transform vacant land into building a sturdy stadium Manahan. And right on Saturday February 21, 1998, Manahan Stadium finally inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Suharto. In managing Manahan Stadium, Surakarta city government handed it over to the Foundation Gelora Surakarta.
Manahan Stadium, Surakarta is one of the existing international standard stadiums in Indonesia. In addition to having the facility open tribune in the east, south and north, Manahan Stadium is also equipped with closed stands (VIP) on the western side of the stands, complete with bleachers. Manahan Stadium Capacity in the stands able to accommodate the number of spectators to reach 35,000 people.
Other facilities into one building stadiums with tracks such Manahan running track / athletics, long jump, table tennis, judo training, fight training degrees, health room, secretarial space, space reporters and the press conference room. While in the complex Gelora Manahan own, sporting facilities are available even somewhat more complete and diverse because the available tennis courts, cycling, volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis room, billiard room, 3 pieces of a soccer field and gymnasium ( GOR).

Western Tribune VIP Manahan Stadium, equipped with a chair seat that gives comfort to the football lovers of sport in the city of Solo.
Judging from its geographical location, presence at Manahan Stadium, Solo fairly strategic. Standing majestically on the middle of downtown, adjacent to airports, hotels, highways and shopping centers make Manahan Stadium as one of the most representative place in the organization of sporting events of national and international scale.

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